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It has long been my ambition to start writing in more depth about being a sports coach and a parent. As most of you know, my 9 year old son Freddie shares my passion for everything ball related so it is no surprise to me that my coaching changed completely when I started to become a touch line dad! 

During this time, I have spent more time talking to parents about the role they play in their son or daughters tennis development (or other sports), sharing stories about nightmare coaching or tournaments and trying to pass on positive things to do with young sports minded children that are worth sharing.
As a result, I have decided to share these conversations and information more widely by beginning  my own regular blog that aims to help parents in their role as coach, taxi driver, entertainer, psychologist and bank!

My Live Love Sport parents blog will aim to focus on things such as advice on tournament play, equipment, physical development and positive mentoring. There will also be a series of videos with coaching tips on things to do to compliment your child's existing tennis play such as easy drills and exercises that can be done before a match or when there isn't a coach around to take charge.


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